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Kleine Getränke

Kleine Getraenke

Small sign for a liquor store in Leipzig.
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Dr. Hops Chalkboard

Hops Tafelbeschriftung Bier

For a bar in Leipzig, I had the chance to create a large scale chalkboard piece – fun work!
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How to

Sign washing machine

Today I had some fun, playing around with a sign for our washing machine.
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Dear Handwriting,

dear handwriting,

A friend of mine started to collect handwritten postcards.
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Spitzfeder / Kurrent

Spitzfeder Kurrent

Lately I have done some practice sheets with Current and pointed nib, and from now on I would like to share some of them with you. More photos will follow soon.
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Superficies & Quadrangel

Portfolio Newspaper Thumb

For my application, I created a portfolio in newspaper style. The title lettering was inspired by a stamp I got at the entrance of a club in Berlin (Ritter Butzke).
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My friends from Frankfurt brew their own beer. I designed a selection of beer labels for them, so they can choose what they like.
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Typo bag – the lost S

Typo bag – the lost S

Typo bag with the lost S.
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Diptychon Titelbild

This display is a diptych with exchangeable inlays in four different scripts: textur, fraktur, italic and current.
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Workshop on Current

Workshop on Kurrent Titelbild

Giving a workshop on writing Current was a great experience for me, as I still have to learn how to teach. But preparing the presentation and sharing my skills was so much fun!
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