Breaking Good

Breaking Good

Schreibend durch die Geschichte der gebrochenen Schriften

Drury Brennan, Marleen Krallmann, Albert-Jan Pool, Petra Rüth | July 16–17, 2016 | Hamburg,
ALSTERDAMM – School of Visual Arts

The workshop and lecture series on broken scripts was aiming to introduce three of them through writing. Marleen Krallmann offered a theoretical journey through the history, split up in single lectures throughout the course.
Drury Brennan taught Textura, Albert-Jan Pool instructed on Fraktur and Petra Rüth gave an introduction to German Kurrent. On Sunday there was time to use the learned scripts and techniques for spontaneous projects. In the Grande Finale we designed our own tote bags. (Agenda PDF)

Breaking Good Marleen Krallmann

Breaking Good class

Breaking Good Drury Brennan

above: Marleen Krallmann lectures
next: working students
left: Drury Brennan explaining Textura
below: students taking a break


Breaking Good taking a break

Albert-Jan Pool explaining Fraktur

Breaking Good Albert-Jan Pool writing

Breaking Good Albert-Jan Pool explaining fraktur

Breaking Good student writing
Breaking Good student writing
Breaking Good students writing


Breaking Good Petra Rueth lecture
Breaking Good Petra Rueth lecture
Breaking Good answering questionsPetra Rüth explaining Kurrent
Breaking Good Petra Rueth writing

right: inspirational talk from Drury Brennan
below: students working on their final project

Breaking Good Drury Brennan inspirational talk

Breaking Good Grande Finale
Breaking designing bags


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