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Workshop on Current

Workshop on Kurrent Titelbild

Giving a workshop on writing Current was a great experience for me, as I still have to learn how to teach. But preparing the presentation and sharing my skills was so much fun!
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Writing Italics with a Quill

Lettering Calligraphy Class Titel

This summer I have visited a calligraphy class in the cloister of St. Antoine l’Abbaye, France. It was a full week just about humanist italic scripts, the teachers were Keith and Amanda Adams. It was so much fun and I learned a lot about writing italics, but also about the history and theory of that style.
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joyful mind

joyful mind title

Birthday card for a friend. The text is a quote from the book Start Where You Are from Pema Chödrön.
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Tshirt with illustrated S


Gift card set

I created a handmade gift card set for my moms birthday.
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Geschwätz & Gezwitscher

Geschwätz & Gezwitscher


Lettering Lab is short for Lettering Laboratory which basically means me studying lettering and exploring the possibilities of writing by hand and with different tools. Those exercises train the eye and serve well for getting a fine grasp of the characteristics of each line stroke.
Lettering Lab started it in 2010.
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Team-Logo: Fuckers


Logo competition at work
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