Calligraphy Class: Italics

Writing Italics with a Quill

This summer I have visited a calligraphy class in the cloister of St. Antoine l’Abbaye, France. It was a full week just about humanist italic scripts, the teachers were Keith and Amanda Adams. It was so much fun and I learned a lot about writing italics, but also about the history and theory of that style.
Here I want to share my final artwork, but also some scrap papers which evolved during the class.


Calligraphy Class ArrighiThis is my final piece on which I concentrated during our project time.  It reads a poem from Joseph from Eichendorff, and it is written in the style of Arrighi’s La Operina from 1524. I wrote it with a quill which I cured and cut myself.


Calligraphy Class Neudoerffer
This shows a piece I copied from a book which is called Masters of the italic letter by Kathryn A. Atkins. It is a text from Johann Neudörffer the Younger, I wrote it with a metal nib pen for practicing reasons.


Calligraphy Class Scrap Paper 1
Scrap paper 1


Scrap paper 2


This is me writing on vellum.


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