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Schreibsession Meetup

Since a few weeks, I am organizing a Meetup called Kalligraphie in Berlin. It’s a get together taking place every six weeks. Come and join us for a writing session, it’s fun and free!
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1. Lange Nacht des Schreibens

NachtDesSchreibens Titelbild

Am 22. Juni 2017 fand in Leipzig die 1. Lange Nacht des Schreibens statt, zeitgleich mit dem Tag der Handschrift.
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Workshop on Current

Workshop on Kurrent Titelbild

Giving a workshop on writing Current was a great experience for me, as I still have to learn how to teach. But preparing the presentation and sharing my skills was so much fun!
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I share my passion for type

Workshop IshareMyPassionForType Titelbild

I gave a workshop on typography and writing to my colleagues from Software and Support Media. It was an activity I offered while our bi-weekly creative time at work.
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