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Quills & new tool

Effi Briest quills Thumb


Schreibsession Meetup

For a few months, I was organizing a Meetup called Kalligraphie in Berlin.
It’s a get together taking place every six weeks. Now, as I had a few other things coming up which needed my attention, unfortunately I had to pass on the organization. I am excited that Sina and Ute will take over – I am clapping my hands for carrying on the newly established tradition. Thank you!
Come and join for a writing session, it’s fun and free!
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Merry Christmas 2017

Mit diesen handbeschriebenen Weihnachtskugeln wünsche ich euch ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und wundervolle Feiertage.
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Kleine Getränke

Kleine Getraenke

Small sign for a liquor store in Leipzig.
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Dr. Hops Chalkboard

Hops Tafelbeschriftung Bier

For a bar in Leipzig, I had the chance to create a large scale chalkboard piece – fun work!
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Letter of inquiry

Terminanfrage Fueller

For an extraordinary letter of inquiry, I wanted to test the limits of a fountain pen. With a composition of four different motives on one sheet, I even went beyond: for the smallest letters, I rotated the nib upside down to get super thin lines.
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Superficies & Quadrangel

Portfolio Newspaper Thumb

For my application, I created a portfolio in newspaper style. The title lettering was inspired by a stamp I got at the entrance of a club in Berlin (Ritter Butzke).
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Tshirt with illustrated S



Wall decoration, cut from styrofoam
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Geschwätz & Gezwitscher

Geschwätz & Gezwitscher
Home of Petra Rüth