Practise sheet

Quills & new tool

Proceeding with my quill studies.
The full sheet is written with quills only, even for the initial I used my new self-made tool (details see below). The text is an extract from Effi Briest (Fontane), the style is Kanzlei and Kanzlei-Kurrent from C.G. Roßberg.

Effi Briest quills full layout with tools

Effi Briest quills Detail1
First two lines: Kanzlei, body copy: Kanzlei-Kurrent, written with a self cut quill.

Detail shots below: My new tool to hold a flattend quill (thank you dad!); the original technical drawing from Roßberg; some prior exercise sheets.
Effi Briest quills new Tool

Effi Briest quills Detail 2

Effi Briest quills Detail 3

Full sheet
Effi Briest quills full sheet

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