Calligraphy with quills

Manuscript like Roßberg

Continuing with my quill studies, this time I focused on flourishes and current script.
I recently spend some time cutting pointed quills, which is a whole new challenge for me. I am super happy to use a new custom made quill knife making things a bit easier – and super much fun! Thank you Marcus :)
I also paid more attention to the various angles of letters of the current script, to meet the Dresdner Kanzleiduktus.

This is a page of Roßberg, using walnut ink.

Rossberg Flourishes Kurrent quills

Rossberg Flourishes Kurrent family
Cascading: Fraktur, Kanzlei-Kurrent & Kurrent

Still needs practice: initial

Rossberg Flourishes Kurrent Initial

Rossberg Flourishes Kurrent
Full sheet

Rossberg Flourishes quill knife Federmesser
Quill knife, custom made according Roßbergs original instructions

Rossberg Flourishes practice upfront
Preliminary practice sheets

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