Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


This display is a diptych with exchangeable inlays in four different scripts: textur, fraktur, italic and current.
It serves as a reminder, citing from Steve Jobs famous Stanford commencement speech in 2005: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. It can be seen on YouTube – it is at the very end, but I recommend watching the full video – it is worth it!

Diptychon Overview

These are the single inlays:
Diptychon Textur Stay Hungry

Diptychon Textur Stay Foolish

Diptychon Fraktur Stay Hungry

Diptychon Fraktur Stay Foolish

Diptychon Italic Stay Hungry

Diptychon Italic Stay Foolish

Diptychon Current Stay Hungry

Diptychon Current Stay Foolish

Here is an animation with all the inlays:
Diptychon animiert

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