French Writing

Ronde, Coulée, Batarde

Recently I studied French scripts, concentrating on the family of Ronde, Coulée, and Batarde.
I was seeking to understand the concept of how they fit together and if there are parallels to German writing (eg. Fraktur, Kanzlei, Kurrent). This research is still ongoing, but I thought about sharing my writing examples. The text is a random extract from a newspaper article, written with quills and iron gall ink.

French writing full sheet

French writing detail 1
Detail shot of Ronde and Coulée

French writing detail 2
Detail shot of Coulée and Batarde

Even though I usually write my text a few times to evaluate line length, spacing, etc, there are still some mistakes and many things which can be improved.

French writing

I used the book Art de l’écriture from Diderot D’Alembert as a starting point to learn about the differences of the script. It’s part of an historic encyclopedia, reprinted. When I ordered it online, I accidentally used an older address from Leipzig, therefore it had to be send again. I had a super nice seller, he send it again – for free! Merci.

French writing book card
French writing card merci

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