Roßberg continued

I have already talked about my current project, which is studying C. G. Roßberg with his amazing work called Systematische Anweisung zum Schön- und Geschwindschreiben, published in 1793.

Here you can see some more of my practices, I am now combining different styles of his “font-familiy” which includes several styles like Fraktur, Canzlei, Current and combinations of each. I have used different nibs for the various script sizes.


This fragment of a WhatsApp conversation starts with a Fraktur, followed by two lines of Current-Canzlei, and the body text is written in Current.

Rossberg WhatsApp Wochenstart Federn


Rossberg WhatsApp Wochenstart


Here you can see another practice sheet written in Current-Canzlei, trying to get as close as possible to Roßbergs template:

Rossberg Letters Detail

Rossberg Letters full


This is the latest piece I did on January 31, it is written in Current-Canzlei with different sizes, beginning with an inital letter.


Rossberg Ästhetik full

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